Le Comptoir de Syrie

The Comptoir de Syrie was born out of a need to save the country's local crafts. It was during a humanitarian trip to Syria with SOS Chrétiens d'Orient that Dominique Charby, the company's director, became aware of the country's wealth. As the war has wreaked havoc, local businesses that have remained in the area need help to rebuild. Syrian handicrafts are in danger because more than half of the population, and therefore manufacturers, have migrated to other countries.

Dominique has noticed the great needs of these craftsmen. It is with the aim of continuing the work carried out on the spot by SOS Chrétiens d'Orient that the project came to life. It is being developed with the help of Elisabeth Becker, who, sensitive to the cause, has decided to get involved in this project.

It was therefore by contacting Syrian companies that the sales process began. The products are all authentic. By buying them you allow this country to rebuild itself little by little. You also allow craftspeople to make a living from their work and support their families.